Little skinny blond girl with brown eyes, small tits. She is small built and topless in the club.

She provides a service of an average girl in Laufhaus or Red Light District which means very limited and basic. Even under of this.

Started with quite enjoyable foreplays (closeness ok, caressing, mutual little hugs and kisses on the neck and a bit on body), it was clearly the best point of the session, i would say even the unique one... the rest was "minimum service" which is often the case in Mondial.

Tried to cheat for the blowjob, she put herself on a way i couldn't see anything and quickly put the condom... I asked her "hey you forgot the blowjob without condom or what?" Being caught she removed consequently the condom and started the blowjob which was of low level, short duration, boring and mechanical.

Refused the cow girl pretending a too big penis (usual method of girls who are swindlers, cheaters or provide a bad service). Let's go for a doggy... her posture wasn't the best and progressively lying down flat on her stomach, it became necessary to ask her having upper gesture. Globally she takes the dick in her badly, a little bit better in missionary. Handjob for finishing. She insisted to know at the end if i liked or not, i confused the issue for not telling her my real opinion but couldn't help to tell her it was not good to refuse a position. No repetition, i don't advise you to visit her. The service is insufficient.