Larissa came recently in Magnum from Penelope in Essen. Dark haired, attractive chubby, voluptuous, big breasts and brown eyes. Cute face. +/- 25 y.o.

After a good, friendly and interesting social time in the sofa, her assets came clearly once in the room. Her first one is that she kisses very well, with sensuality and variation, with devotion and patience, softly but with the good dosis, sharing our lips which were melting well on a natural way; she is kissing not like a robot or any professional kisses. You know thise girls who make automatic moves from left to right quickly, ok there is depth but there is no intention, no share, no feeling, nothing interesting. Here with Larissa it wasn't like this: I had the feeling of being with a girlfriend on a bench while kissing her because she has this special natural involvement which makes you enjoying it well.

Second real good point is her blowjob. I consider that les than 20% of girls in the clubs provide good blowjobs, Larissa is in this minority. She has seemingly her own method but it was pleasant, a bit quicker sometimes would have been appreciated but with a rythm creating positive feelings. She cares of the penis with her mouth completely, sometimes with deep throat, playing with it, tapping once the penis on her lips, looking at me while sucking during some time, despite forgetting to use her hands for caressing at the same time. When having it in mouth i felt her tongue moving on my dick which made me enjoy her blow job increasingly.

Foreplays were quite positive also, incomplete (doesn't use her hands enough and don't create enough) and little lack of "passion" but involved and with good flexibility, hugging while kissing. After having played a bit standing up, I lied her on the bed kissing her, her body, licking her tits and starting a cunnilingus during which i was still caressing her. I ride on her for being sucked again. Hugs again. Kind of reasonable complicity was created.

Which has been only partially materialized during the sex which was more average than the rest with some "professional" reflexes. Technically was difficult to continue on the same line as she doesn't stand well in cowgirl (lack of endurance) and her morphology didn't enable to make everything as i would have wanted. She was moving however but not with the exchange and complicity i wished. Bending on the right side or in a way to accomplish a task not to make the thing naturally as all what she had done till here. Missionary was not achieved as i hoped and expected either (my fault also), difficult to find the right position, in doggy she became more "passive", not moving much. There was for this part lower quality than the rest of the session but nothing really bad either. I left this part a bit hungry for more.

We finished by a new blowjob and then handjob during which a COB on her big breast was possible but was an extra so i preferred ending normally this quite good session. I recommend her. She has clear skills and does her best in the room. Carefully. Better than cold arrogant bimbos robots and unexperienced, unskilled skinny teens.