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    Thumb down Anna (Rumänien)

    Country/ spoken languages : Romania / english, german i don't know
    Age : 23
    Face : cute, not more
    Hairs : black
    Height : 1m65
    Breasts : small
    Body : thin
    Tatoo - Piercings : a bit
    Blowjob : yes, FO but mechanic and not deep.
    Beffen : yes
    Kissing : very little
    Other features : does the minimum, a phenomenon which starts to be fashion in clubs... a general decrease of the service for some months, one more example with Anna.

    She barely kisses, without passion nor commitment and without the tongue. Very weak foreplays without fun nor intensity. Minimum service, no imagination, no spices and a clear lack of "presence" in the room making any exchange difficult. To sum up, nothing interesting.
    I licked her pussy and simulates quite badly. So i stopped the process. It was strange i could finger her a bit, i was expecting the usual refusal.

    The blowjob is everything but convincing, we do feel that she has sucked thousands like this before me so it made it unpleasant because too impersonal and mechanical.
    The sex is not more convincing: mechanical robot cowgirl which had been shortened partally by her, moved badly in doggy and still bad simulation which created no illusion.

    Considering the professional aspect and lack of enthusiasm of the girl, definitely doing a basic and minimum service with clear lack of involvement i lost my erection. And i should conclude that Anna has done absolutely nothing for solving this situation while it is supposed to be her job... As if it was convenient like this for her. No efforts. It's even me who had to ask her to do something in order to make my dick harder otherwise she would have stayed passive with crossed arms. Having this kind of problem (created mainly by unskilled, distant and lazy girls) can happen but it is very irritating to see a girl doing nothing for changing it positively. It sounded as something like "I will have your money anyway so i don't care if you don't have erection anymore, it's your problem" I did NOT appreciate this attitude. Not even trying while instead of an obligation of result she should at least do what is needed for reaching this result.

    The less i do the better it is, this is the increasing spirit of romanian girls in clubs: Romanian FKK girls Mentalität.

    Well as there was still time i asked her to use it doing her mechanical blowjob. Better than reading the newspaper waiting the end of the 30 min

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    Destroying report.How could reach that "cute" Anna 2 stars in the end??
    That seems very charming.

    Hope you make a better choice next time.

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    It's right she doesn't deserve 2 stars, so let's consider i put only one instead.
    Just i met already even worse than her so maybe unconsciously that's why i put two.

    I wanted also to underline through this girl a phenomenon which is growing in the clubs with these romanian girl providing poorer and poorer service.




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