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    Post Katy (Russland) (ex-LR)

    I had a quite good experience with Katia from Russia who has ginger hairs, blue eyes and is 1m70 more or less. Very cute.

    She came to me in the sofa and we started a common social time with kisses sometimes. She proposed me to follow her in the room and i have accepted.

    FK and correct foreplays, tits and pussy licking, blowjob quite pleasant and well done, she has specific technic of suck, pushing sometimes on the extremity of the glans penis with her mouth, she doesn't remain on the surface and does it deep enough. Good variation of the rythm. I enjoyed.

    Her assets are clear: desire to do the job well, skilfull, patience, softness, good participation, works in the rules, good involvement, positions are done well and not neglected, real attention and professionalism in good sense of the word (but there is a negative sense too.

    But, and here are the disadvantages, everything seemed "fake" and not natural, too professional and mechanical touch. Simulation, i didn't believe in her sincerety in the exchange. She applies her lesson but without free style nor ingenuity, too much as a "professional GFE" and robot (but a good robot however ). Moreover i would have appreciated more initiatives and more hugs.

    I had the feeling she wanted to make me finish in CIM at the end for paying an extra but surprisingly i didn't finish so.

    In the room she remains careful, pleasant, kind and flexible. Not leading anything, we can do how we want and she will follow our wishes.

    It was clearly positive but i will not come back to her anymore in future because of the mentionned disadvantages which are a problem for me. She is irreproachable in her behaviour and content of session, she does the best for the client. But there is some "but" which i explained upper.

    Wiederholungsfaktor: No. Too professional in her way to do, lack of natural, she works and we feel it too much... the illusion was not present even.


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    Wer weiss wo sie jetz arbeitet?

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    August-Thyssen-Straße 4


    Six Sense
    "Hallo und danke für die berichte. Muss sie auch mal besuchen obwohl es nicht mehr nötig ist, bin beim Lesen schon 5 mal gekommen."




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