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    Post Vicky (Dominikanische Republik)

    I was about to leave the club when i crossed the road of Bicky a 28 years old girl from Dominican Republic while she was sitting on the sofa. I discussed with this very friendly girl and as i had a good feeling with her i was convinced to go in the room with her. She is "natural" woman and we feel immediately the difference with the usual stereotyped romanian girls: human warmth, more "caliente" in the behaviour, way of being and talk, smiling, shining, involved, laughing, open minded and with this fire which makes the meeting extremely pleasant and interactive. She is definitely special. Not a blasé iceberg robot...

    These positive aspects have direct influence in the room with many elements to be enjoyed: intensity, it happens always something with her, interaction, complicity, energy, good mood, good spirit, playing, dancing, moving, mutual attentions, warm hugs, devoted kisses (not with the tongue but very "true" not "professional FK"), touching everywhere, flexibility, carefulness, sex appeal. She acts naturally and takes initiatives, enters in the exchange and does always something interesting, she isn't undergoing doing the minimum like some girls but fills the session with rich, intense and attractive content. It is very difficult to explain but if you go with her in the room you will understand what i mean here. I mean we have real fun with such girl.

    After rich and complete foreplays she started to suck my cock and wow we also the difference with the eastern girls, her technic is very nice with variations and ability to cover every part of the penis alternatively, she cares of the balls as well, tits licking, 69, hugs again and again, caressing further, playing joking, she cared of me very well and after this starter let's go for a cowgirl during which she moves well and with variety not a boring up and down without interaction. I also enjoyed the doggy with her latina ass, good size, soft and pleasant to have the hands on, as i couldn't finish in missionnary we finished by a new very well done blow job which made me cumming as she also caressed me everywhere during it.

    She didn't forget to clean my sperm and always keep smiling with a very good and pleasant attitude during the session. I think her name is Bicky or something like this but anyway you can't miss her in the club among the romanian girls who are all similar, some blond ones and black girls, she is the only latina girl i saw and as usually in such case i was not disappointed at all and on contrary very satisfied. She is arrived in Magnum recently and hope she will stay here and have the success she deserves. If you bears are like me prefering the quality of the session rather than the physical aspect of the girl, she is a very good choice and in more she is attractive: nice wide lips, tanned skin, brown eyes, dark chestnut hairs, quite small tits and something like 1m65.

    I highly recommend her if you want to have good time in a warm atmosphere with a natural honest and shining girl with whom we can feel very confortable.

    Repetition: yes, for sure.

    Service quality: VERY GOOD

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    You don't have to worry.I visited her 2 days ago. So she still there. And she is STILL the same caribian sensation as i can read in your Report. These days she is definatly something very Special. Viva la Republica Domincana!

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    Vicky's (Charaktereigenschaften):

    -ca. 30 Lebensjahre
    - lange dunkelblonde glatte Haare
    -1,70 groß
    -normale Figur, weicher griffiger Hintern, Plastikoberweite zwischen B und C
    -Keine Tattoos oder Piercings
    dafür Kaiserschnittnarbe
    - Verständigung spanisch mit Deutschbröckchen

    Vicky ist eine Zuckerschnecke. Zärtlich, herzlich, anschmiegsam, fröhlich und getreu der karibischen Zeitrechnung, immer mit der Ruhe.
    Animalisch weiche Lippen, die sie nahezu überall gekonnt einsetzt.
    B2B inkl. Ölmassage.
    DT nur angedeutet. ZK zurückhaltend.
    PST (bzw auch ohne talk, einfach nur abhängen), die Zeit vergessend. AST bei jeder Gelegenheit, wenn gewünscht (Sprachkenntnisse, wie erwähnt vorausgesetzt)
    50 Eus die Halbe

    Wiederholungsgefahr: Siiiiii!




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