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    Thumb down Bria (Bulgarien)

    Black hairs, blue eyes, 1m70, not big tits, good body, this is Bria.

    This girl is a pain and delivers an awfully bad service. She had an attitude in the room which would deserve her to be fired immediately but bad girls are needed to fill the club. Samya offers globally bad service and their girls are very often disappointing in the room, it is the club where i have the highest rate of NON satisfaction. Many are bad but BRIA is the WORST i ever tried there.

    Pathetic foreplays during which she does as few as possible and never enters into the exchange. Totally empty and unsignificant. With such partner it is needless to insist. She does nothing and shows no motivation at all except for the money which is far from being deserved when we undergo her "service". Lack of energy, lack of presence, zero initiative, lack of everything. Kissing were very few and shy, backwards, with distance and the poor closeness didn't create any pleasure nor illusion. Too professional, no way for spending a good moment... this girl is full of vulgarity, in the club it can be seen already....

    Blowjob of a robot, she is very bad in it also and doesn't know how to suck even normally while she is supposed to practice very often. Bria almost hurted me while sucking, not only without talent nor skill for it but also not able to not use her teeth for it. It was very badly done and didn't enjoy it, she neglected it as far as she neglected the sex then, or wanted so... Globally she is unable of anything at all... a pure calamity in the room and a service not less shameful.

    During the sex she had totally unacceptable and intolerable attitude. She was unbearable, being definitely unwilling and transmit the feeling everything is a burden for her, every litttle request went with her grumbling... very pleasant! No comment, she can't move even, has no technic and is disastrous sexual partner. The fact it is her job worsens her case.

    Bria is a calamity during the cowgirl: complaining all the time screaming it is "painful" because of dick size [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/rolleyes.gif[/IMG] which is an excuse for not doing the job well and neglecting the sex and changing position more quickly thus possibly finishing the session as quickly as possible, no way, we'll stay like this! After not even 10 minutes (preparation, "foreplays" and blowjob included) she asked me to finish already!! and this every ten seconds louder and louder with shouts of "Heydé cum now, finish now, heydé!!!!!" The kind of things which makes losing our effects and pleasure if not the erection completely. She didn't stop to make faces and were forcing out as if having a dick in her pussy was the worst thing for her. I had the feeling of a bull in a slaughterhouse with a sword in her, really, so disturbing. Now how having fun and pleasure in such circumstances... impossible! When such thing happens in the room there are two possibilities: going out immediately of the room and stopping or breaking her nuts as far as she breaks ours and on contrary remaining till the end. She wants deliberately to create an obstacle for you being blocked and making the session a hell... i know such kind of girls, there are many in Red Light Districts or Laufhaus but also in clubs.... more than we can think..

    I stayed however and her behaviour didn't change during the doggy, it was worse even, having a bad gesture voluntarily. Finished this challenge with a handjob but i should have kept my cartridge. The only thing she can do is dancing but moving the same on a dick, no way! This girl has bad mentality, the least she makes the better it is, and she is not aware she has to be honest in her service which should be more normal at least... she has nothing to do in a club and doesn't deserve a place in Laufhaus even! I know what i would do if i were the chief...

    Sex approval: 0/10

    Level of service: VERY BAD, SEHR SCHLECHT, to be blacklisted and avoided.

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    Kürzlich wollte ich im Samya einen schönen Relaxtag einlegen. Im Wellnessbereich gesellte sich Bria zu mir und beindruckte mich mit ihrem gazellenhaften Körper auf meiner Liege. Sie spricht recht gutes Deutsch und stellte sich als Türkin vor (vermutlich aus Bulgarien:-)).

    Ein bisschen Knutschen, ein bisschen Fummeln- und schon musste ein Zimmerschlüssel her. Ihre Performance war sehr engagiert und gut: akzeptable Zungenküsse (hätten noch etwas leidenschaftlicher sein können), gutes Französisch, ausdauerndes Ficken in der Missio. Als Genießerin entpuppte sie sich, als ich ihre Lustgrotte ausgiebig mit meiner Zunge verwöhnte. Dabei ließ sie sich richtig fallen und belohnte meine Bemühungen nach einer Weile mit wilden Zuckungen und lauten Lustschreien. Sehr schön- wenn das gespielt war, hat sie auf jeden Fall auch ausgezeichnete schauspielerische Talente:-). Der Schmusefaktor ist dagegen noch ausbaufähig. Da könnte sie mehr Nähe zulassen- deshalb ein Punkt Abzug bei guter Gesamtnote.

    Alles in allem war es ein angenehmer Tag im Samya. Nette Gespräche, gut gespeist und schön entspannt. Ich mag es, wenn der Laden nicht ganz so voll und turbulent ist wie an den bekannten Partyabenden mit der berüchtigten "Balkan-Kirmes".

    Hier der Link zu Bria:

    Ihre Konfektionsgröße würde ich eher auf 32/34 schätzen. Ihr langes Haar trug Bria bei meinem Besuch zu einem langen Zopf zusammen gebunden. Auffällig ist ein hübsches buntes Tattoo am unteren Rücken, das - wie sie mir verraten hat - ihren Vornamen in arabischer Schrift darstellt.




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