She took the initiative to talk with me and started to hug me and kiss me in the sofa, after long social time i decided to follow her in the room. She had a red dress and is open minded, sociable and kind. She seems having experience and i don't think it would be a bad choice going with her. She is more or less 30 years old. Blond (not her original colour i think) quite short hairs with blue eyes, natural body, GND oriented.

Once in the room she told me she wants to wash and have shower first which made me worrying because i thought she wanted to use the time but in fact i have been reassured quickly as it was very quick and she came back in the room after barely 2 minutes maybe even less. seemingly she just washed quickly her pussy. In her way to do she develops a lot of energy and do things frankly, very direct, dynamic and agressive style in the good sense of the word. No sensuality or tenderness but direct to the goal and efficiency first. We feel she is used to this job and has experience. She starts to caress me but not softly :D, more "frankly" i would say )) kiss, touch, masturbates me, hug in her style quite "violently" but it is pleasant and we can't criticize her about her attitude for doing the job as good as possible. She doesn't "hide herself" during the session. Lack of coherence and muddled for sure, it goes a bit in every side but she has her own weapons and features and applies it once in the room. Possible to play a bit and to do own initiatives, she doesn't decide everything herself but likes to lead the things. a bit too much maybe, every sex round needs an exchange for enjoying more.
Blow job was with her style which is full of energy, spitting on my penis, sucking sometimes quite deep, quickly and tapped from time to time my penis on her mouth and lips as in porno movies. she is proactive and the doggy was long and quite good even if she has the trend to move sometimes her ass up and down but she doesn't balk at anything and participate quite good, on me she moved normally and she finished with the hand doing the process before blowjob till i came.

what is also a good point is that once back in the club she doesn't ignore you and forget about you once she went with you and has your money, on contrary she still discusses, cares, smiles and shares moments and attentions to me, it should be underlined because usually girls snub us once the service is done and we don't exist anymore, but with Cristina it is not like this and before going out the club she doesn't forget to say goodbye.

I would call her service as efficient and solid, with defects and lacks but with her own specificities, a service which is not standard and impersonal, with a Christina's touch and appeal. She deserves to be visited at least once.