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    I had a good and satisfying experience with a polish girl named Ada at Golden Time sauna club. Nothing wonderful but clearly positive.

    Ada is chestnut and has brow eyes, is about 1.70 m and has a tanned skin. She is cute. Couldn't believe i learned then she was 34 y.o.

    With her it is possible to have a real exchange in the room, she knows what to do with her hands and i know what to do with mine. The blowjob is correct and gives good feelings.

    During the sexual relationship she is close and patient, moving well, developping a complicity in the sex, staying close and hugging tight. Even if the doggy position is not her best, it was a real pleasure in the other positions where we could hug each other very nicely, ada keeps a kind of flexibility and is easy going not being reluctant about anything: 59, cunni, fingering, all positions with good energy, tenderness, tits licking, involvement and good will. She is professional in the good sense of the word, not leading things as she wants not caring about your desires. Furthermore, she kisses well and naturally, not mechanical kisses without passion. Globally she is "alive" and there is interaction, her technic is ok and natural. Nothing seems mechanical as it is too often the case. Even if she could take more initiatives, i liked what he did and initiated. In the room she has pleasant and kind attitude, bear's pleasure oriented and she likes we take good care of her.
    She doesn't provide an "amazing" service but nothing to be disappointed of. I recommend her because because she is honest and does the job naturally and in the rules. No swindle with her as GT's girls can do sometimes. I was glad to have had chosen her and had a good moment with that girl who is able to discuss with reasonable and real social time which is not so common in GT where it is an impersonal factory with girls talking directly about the point.

    Repetition: it is likely.

    Sex approval: 6.5/10

    Service level: 3 stars/3 stars and half out of 5.

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    Ich kann den Bericht oben eigentlich bestätigen. 34 Jahre sind vielleicht noch zu wenig (mir sagte sie sogar 28 :D), sie könnte auch älter sein, sieht aber richtig gut aus, attraktiv. Also finde ich. Eine tolle Milf.

    Gebucht hatte ich die Standardnummer, 50430. Ihre Lippen verleihen dem FO eine besondere Note. Blasen kann sie. Reiten fiel ihr irgendwie schwer. Also habe ich sie in die Missio beordert. Das funktionierte prima. Viel Action erfolgte von ihr jedoch nicht.

    Alles in allem eine Standardnummer. Die 3,5 Sterne von oben würde ich auch vergeben.

    WHF: 90%, ja 90% weil es halt in meinen Augen eine attraktive Milf ist.




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