Miriam is one of the numerous girls in clubs who talks a lot, promises a lot but does little once in the room and is unable of almost anything:

- "Kissing, massage" but once in the room NO caressing, no massage and very quick and kisses (without tongue) from the extremity of the lips.
- No foreplays by herself and wants to lie down immediately.
- No initiative at all, poor technic, no imagination.

Blowjob was basic and not deep, letting her hand around the penis. Sexually speaking Mirjam is very limited and even weak and bad, she just undergoes without participating. No pleasure to do it with a mumbling doll who can't even manage a dick inside her while it is supposed to be her job. She doesn't know how to make sex and is clearly unskilled and unqualified, she moves very badly. Well when you ask something she agrees but except this flexibility that's all.
The only real interest is playing with her boobs i should say it plays role in my decision to go with her in the room. I couldn't help letting my cock in middle of her boobs and up and down like this. Possibility to finger her. (quite shortly however) Beffen ok also. She allowed me one special thing i couldn't realise. Pity but i regretted my choice. To sum up, if you like playing and groping big boobs, you can go but for all the rest it has ZERO interest nor good point.

BEWARE: She tried to cheat about the time (tried to make pass 25 minutes in pretended 38 minutes!) but it didn't work with me as i showed her my chronometer watch i always start when entering in the room and the thekefrau is her ally in this swindling attempt but when you protest and don't allow it happening and showing the proof of it she agrees with the client and pretends a mistake in her note on her paper. Try again baby, but not with me.

Sexapproval: 2/10

Service evaluation: