This black haired girl with dark brown eyes, a little bit chubby but attractive with her natural breast and tits without forgetting her cute face. She comes from the region of Frankfurt where she worked during more than three years and is arrived in Samya for one week. We have talked during time near the bar and appreciated her behaviour, i didn't feel the bad shot with her and was right. In the club she wears black clothes with a "up" showing her topless. She is smiling much and doesn't lose it once in the room... On her right leg she has tatooes of dog marks through which you can recognize her more easily.

This girl provides a good service without being high level but satisfying globally with many assets and good points. I enjoyed the moment and session spent with her. She kissed me quite naturally without being really French Kisses but with devotion and attention. The illusion aspect was present. Foreplays were very pleasant, caressing, hugging and touching our bodies, being in each other's arms, standing up or lying on the bed. I felt very confortable with Romina with whom it is possible to create and enjoy an atmosphere of exchanges and complicity forgetting the money aspect, this atmosphere could be better but was already nice. The most appreciated position was the missionary during which we were melting and making good sex, with high closeness, different angles and contrarily to many others she had eyes opened smiling eye contact good, cow girl was pleasant but not done completely because of lack of endurance but did it frankly and with energy. She won't take any excuse for not doing the job normally like some of the numerous bad girls of this club. We finished with a doggy style in which she was not a doll but with a positive participation. CIM could have been but too exhausted by the sex for finishing, pity. Her technic can be improved but her way to do makes thing of a "real girl" and it is refreshing. I like especially this "non professional" way of doing, she does not act as a robot and make her best without cheating on anything. She has a potential to be developed.

She is very flexible and pay attention to our requests and don't mind to suck again or hug if necessary.

Good points: motivated, good will, involved, good attitude, make efforts, honest, dedicated, good closeness, pleasant and not neglected foreplays, remains natural and kind, good participation, softness, tenderness, she takes initiatives.

What should be improved: Blowjob, not her speciality seemingly; Lack of endurance (in cowgirl mainly), technic to be improved but not that bad.

Sex approval: 6.5/10

Service level: GOOD

WHF: Yes, very likely