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    Standard Sascha (Polen)

    Sascha (Polen)
    Alter : 30 Jahre Sprache(n) : Deutsch (schlecht), Englisch (gut)
    Haarfarbe : Dunkelblond Haarlänge : Lang (Wellig)
    Körpergröße : 1,66 m - 1,70 m Statur : Normal+
    Tattoo/Tätowierung : Ja Körperteil : Gesäß, Steiß
    Piercing : Ja Körperteil : Klitoris, Nabel
    Brüste : DD-Cup Silikon : Ja
    Augenfarbe : Unbekannt Wiederholungsgefahr :
    Preis : 50 Euro Dauer : 30 Minuten
    Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen ohne Kondom, Zungenküsse, Lecken, Wichsen, Fingern, AfterSexTalk (AST), PreSalesTalk (PST)
    Zusatzinfo : Porno

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    ...Be carefull, Sascha tries the oldest trick in saunaclubtown .... I stayed half an hour, she asked me to pay one hour ....

    I talked with her some time ago and decided this time for going to the room. Not my usual kind of girl, but need to try a bimbo in a punter career and considering the service it wasn't a bad choice. Her boobs are siliconed and her lips are full of collagen, oil everywhere, everything but the "natural girl". But exciting for sure...

    I have NOT been disappointed about the service. I can even say globally satisfied. No FK and lack of ardour, passion and energy in the kisses which remain too "professional" this is the main reproach i could make otherwise there were many good things. The foreplays were ok even if incomplete: she plays a bit, caressing her and maybe a little lack of hugs but standing up or lying down there were interesting things to be enjoyed. Contrarily to certain girls it happens often something with her and in the room we feel confortable as she is very friendly and kind. Globally i noticed she doesn't dislike the sex ad it is not always the impression we can have with the girls in club so it should be underlined. She is sex oriented and good sex appeal.

    She tapped my dick on her boobs, i licked them and caressed them, she caresses a bit and has a postive approach even if she could develop more the sensual aspect because she has many weapons for it. I made her quite long cunilingus (Beffen) which seemed to be appreciated by her. Her professionalism is good. The blowjob was enjoyed much, it seems she has her own technic: she spits on the dick, gives little tongue strokes, slowly sucks the highest part of the penis then accelerates progressively the rythm and depth till reaching a deep throat. Sometimes she looked at me while sucking and at this moment i wasn't watching a porn video i was the actor! [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/dance1.gif[/IMG]

    The sex part was quite good also, Sascha has good technic: in cowgirl she was moving well and not always on the same way, with variations and changing her way of moving with some exchange which could have been stronger. Came the doggy time with me standing out of the bed, it was nice show to look at this in the mirror. After some time i tried to make the position on my knees but the mattress was too soft and flabby and consequently was sinking in the sofa and bacame unconfortable it was a mistake from my part because it cut the position, rythm and pleasure. So let's finish in missionary during which i couldn't last much long because of lack of energy and the increasing unbearable heat in the room. She sucked me once again and finished with a handjob.
    Nothing unforgettable but solid service. Good potential and skillfull.

    While putting our clothes back on we discussed and laughed in a good atmosphere and she was kind and friendly.

    She followed me in the changing room and gave her the 50€ BUT she claimed 50 more! I tried to reason her showing it was not justified but she didn't care. Her (real) face changed immediately and her tonality as well: very authoritative voice... I asked her why and she showed her watch saying "sorry baby it's my work". I told her NO WAY because we stayed half hour in the room and NOT one hour, i started my watch entering the room and stopped it when finished and out, it was barely 28 minutes (27 min 47 to be precise)
    I didn't chicken out nor concede and she asked me to follow her to the reception knowing i was right and i won't pay double price for nothing.

    Fortunately the thekefrau ruled in my favour replying: "Sascha... Halb Stunde!" I showed my chronometer watch to 27.47 and she checked even said it was "25 minutes" and had not to pay 50€ more! She escaped angry and me thanking the thekefrau for her honesty!

    In all cases it is intolerable to ask 50€ more for few minutes in more than 30 min knowing time is wasted during modalities (following her, preparation etc...) If i had stayed 45 min i would have paid but sorry not when i don't reach even half hour! Even if globally could be 32 minutes, in the room i stayed 28 minutes, clothing and unclothing included! and totally half hour, not more.

    It is unacceptable attitude trying to cheat like this and unfortunately i am sure many clients pay, Sascha is a good service provider but a time swindler, cheating about it for make you paying more and you should NOT give up against these girls who try to steal your money for nothing, if you pay without discussing she will never change her behaviour and this bad habit. You need to protest when the girl is not honest and tries to cheat. Not being afraid to go at the reception.

    I highly advise you to be careful about this point if you choose her and discussing the point before if necessary.




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