Nationality / languages ​​spoken: Romanian / english, spanish(i don't)
Age: 20 years old
Face: Superb(without being a goddess), and especially... "she looks like my mother"!
Hair: Chestnut, very beautiful and clean
Size: Medium to large
Chest: Natural, rather good
Silhouette / body: Pretty overall despite a camel ass
Tattoos - Piercings: Nothing in my memory
Blowjob: Yes, honest but a bit monotonous, long without relish
Cunni: Yes, she enjoys silently, but her face shows some guilty pleasure
Kissing: Yes, DFK with me, but it's not necessarily in her practice
Other features: I must admit, the flattering colleagues comments have inclined my choice, in the end i preferred to stop at half an hour, no recurrence expected, as she is too passive.
She was a little destabilized anyway but I reassured her... And she let herself go.
She told me to have passed one month in Sixsens, if it rings the bell, anyone?
In retrospect, my session(first of the day) was still quite full, a mix of sweetness and fuck...
My buddy who tried her afterwards will call her an optifick, i abound but I prefer to say that with her, the meeting did not really take place.