Nationality / languages spoken: Romanian / 3 words of english
Age: 19 years old
Face: Pre-Raphaelite post-teen, adorable smile, blue or green eyes
Hair: Reddish blond and curly
Size: Tall
Chest: Small
Silhouette / body: Slim and long, pretty GND of the basketball club
Tattoos - Piercings: Nothing in my memory
Blowjob: A bit basic at first, then very good once titillated by our 69
Cunni: Yes, super good, sex quite fleshy
Kiss: Yes, like a sweetie
Other characteristics: 5th day in the business(20/11/2015), cool as I like.
Excellent complicity between us.
Repeat on 23/04/16:
Blowjob: Yes, I liked it
Other characteristics: Very nice, i even introduced her to my buddy