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    Standard Amira (Rumänien) (ex-Sandra LR)

    Sandra (Rumänien)
    Alter : 27 Jahre Sprache(n) : Englisch (mangelhaft)
    Haarfarbe : Rotbraun Haarlänge : Lang
    Körpergröße : 1,69 m Statur : Schlank
    Tattoo/Tätowierung : Ja Körperteil : Arm, Bein
    Piercing : Unbekannt Körperteil :
    Brüste : B-Cup Silikon : Nein
    Augenfarbe : Unbekannt Wiederholungsgefahr :
    Preis : €50 Dauer : Halbe Stunde
    Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen ohne Kondom, Zungenküsse, Küssen, GirlFriendExperience (GFE), Lecken, Wichsen
    Zusatzinfo : Die Brüste hängen und sehen etwas entleert aus

    Sie ist vielleicht nicht die schönste Frau im LR, aber sie bietet sehr guten Service. Ein ruhiges und angenehmes Girl mit verfeinerten erotischen "Touch" und viel Schmusen. Vielleicht ein "Girl Next Door" für manche Eisbären. Ich kann sie empfehlen für Eisbären, die mehr Wert legen auf Service und weniger auf Aussehen.

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    Standard Sandra (Rumänien)

    Sandra (Rumänien)
    Alter : 26-29 Jahre Sprache(n) : Deutsch (gut), Englisch (gut)
    Haarfarbe : Dunkelblond Haarlänge : Schulterlang (Glatt)
    Körpergröße : 1,61 m - 1,65 m Statur : Sehr schlank
    Tattoo/Tätowierung : Unbekannt Körperteil :
    Piercing : Nein Körperteil :
    Brüste : A-Cup Silikon : Nein
    Augenfarbe : Blau Wiederholungsgefahr :
    Preis : 100 Euro Dauer : 60 Minuten
    Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen ohne Kondom, Zungenküsse, Küssen, GirlFriendExperience (GFE), PornSexExperience (PSE), Lecken, Massage, AfterSexTalk (AST), PreSalesTalk (PST)
    Zusatzinfo :

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    Physical Description: Skinny short chestnut hairs, small tits, blue eyes, never in bikini in the club, she always wears a clothe up, you can't miss her as she doesn't look like the "typical" romanian girl we can find in club. Her name is Sandra and is +/- 29 years old. More or less 1m60.

    From my point of view, she is in the 5% of girls giving a top level service, very far from the usual service provided on average which has nothing to do with Sandra's one. In my opinion the best service in LR and one of the best in NRW. When you start to be desperated to find a special girl among 80% of bad ones or uninteresting, meeting her gives hope again and makes forgetting everything. You are somehow rewarded for having believed that it can still exist in spite of a regrettable trend showing a general decreasing in the quality of service in any clubs where only a minority iin each of them deserves the moving from home to the club. [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/steeringwheel.gif[/IMG]

    So, what makes the difference? So many things.

    - The strong quality of her service which is more than complete and without any clear lack.

    - A total dedication and involvement. She guesses what you want and like and anticipates.

    - A very strong exchange and interaction can be created with her as she creates it naturally. She gives herself totally and let her going herself as nobody else.

    - High level of skills and great technic! She does everything perfectly and with amazing "know how" from the beginning to the end.

    - The huge intensity and devotion in the foreplays, in the blowjob, in the sex and in every details which make the difference. Her capacity of improvisation is an other strength, nothing is formatted, everything is done with talent and playing so well in the room. Everything is easy wi th her as her attitude is perfect and she makes the maximum unlike majority of other girls who give minimum service.

    - Strong embraces, art of caressing and extra GFE oriented mixed with PSE style when necessary. She can adapt very well, being sensual, tender or "wild". But always creating emotions and with incredible intensity.

    - No dead time, she is always active doing something interesting and efficient. Sandra is a master for any bear who likes deep, tender and refined foreplays.

    - Huge closeness and takes initiatives.

    - 100% anti robot way of doing.

    - 5 stars competence and professionalism. Nothing can be reproached at all.

    - A very natural way to do in her every gestures and global attitude. It can't be described with words as the illusion is total with her. She behaves as a woman in the room and not as a professional who provides a service.

    - She is naturally sensitive and knows how to kiss, touch and caress far from the usual impersonal FKs and superficial foreplays. Not only she knows how but also when and where!

    This girl is among my top 5 ever all clubs included. She is definitely special, a rare pearl with a soul and something "human" i don't find in the majority of other girls. And awesome in the room. I repeat: AWESOME. And for me - a demanding bear - saying this, it means a lot! She is a good person in a world where there are so many swindlers, liars and cows.

    She is naturally kind, smart, refreshing and has good discussion, socializing with her is more than easy and pre sales talks are as good as her after sales talks during which she continues to surprise and in any case doesn't ignore you as most of the girls do once they have taken your money! She also surprises me in the room everytime i go with her, she has imagination and not a pre formatted method of work as too many girls have. Nothing impersonal with her, just human warmth and pleasure, just have to enjoy!

    Conclusion: It is forbidden for any bear going in Living Room and service oriented to not try her !1 hour is the very minimum for enjoying the large sphere of her qualities. So i highly recommend this girl for anyone visiting that club. She deserves it more than anyone and you will receive a lot from her. Take your chance and try her! And tell about it.

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    Ja, da kann ich wohl nur froh sein, dass ich mit meinem letzten Beitrag etwas früher herausgekommen bin als du, sonst sähe ich mich noch dem Verdacht ausgesetzt, hier irgendwelches Zeug nachzuplappern. Also "best service in LR and one of the best in NRW", das lasse ich mal dahingestellt sein, aber sie ist schon ein vorzüglicher Griff.

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    The girl is sweet, her boobs and her belly suffered from the pregnancies but she gives a very good service.
    VERY good kisser, lots of intimacy, she really does the best to satisfy you.
    She lost some weight during winter I think and if you have no problem with her boobs, she will give you a great time.

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    ---> PHG mit Namen "Amira"




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