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    Standard Evelyn (Rumänien)

    Evelyn (Rumänien)
    Alter : 26 Jahre Sprache(n) : Englisch (gut)
    Haarfarbe : Schwarz Haarlänge : Mittellang (Glatt)
    Körpergröße : 1,61 m - 1,65 m Statur : Normal+
    Tattoo/Tätowierung : Nein Körperteil :
    Piercing : Ja Körperteil :
    Brüste : A-Cup Silikon : Nein
    Augenfarbe : Braun Wiederholungsgefahr :
    Preis : 75 Euro Dauer : 47 Minuten
    Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen mit Kondom, Küssen
    Zusatzinfo : wears glasses

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    Gave me a good time in october. Not really groundbreaking but there was some intimacy and she's very attractive to me (just a little belly).
    I met her again in april. She now wears glasses, sexy secretary style.
    She jumps on me during my breakfast, tries to cut the social time short and she wants to take the key while I'm washing. I tell her to wait.
    So I meet her again and we go together.
    Not much kissing, BJ with condom, average sex and she tries to make me pay 100 € for 47 minutes ! She tried to steal some time by showing me pictures on her phone.
    And in october she already tried to make me pay 100 € for 45 minutes. So I take her to the reception, I tell my side of the story, I give her 100 € and the TF gives me back 25 €.

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    Met Evelyn again. She now wears glasses and wanders with her friend Andrea.
    Actually her friend is hotter than her (for me).
    She teases me, I had good memories of our first encounter so I go with her.
    Big mistake : she sucks with condom (she says she has some trouble in the throat), she doesn't really kiss anymore, it's really average.
    She finishes me with a handjob (with condom !).
    Then she shows me some pictures on her phone and we leave.
    In the locker room, she says "100 euros".
    I say "No, for 45 minutes it's 75 €" (actually she played the same trick on me in April and I had to insist).
    She says "We ve been in the room for 50 minutes."
    "No 47". (and she tried to take the key while I was brushing my teeth, and she showed me pictures....)
    So I take her to the reception.
    She stands her ground, I tell my side of the story to the TF, in the end I give her 100 € and the thekefrau gives me back 25 €.




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