Claudia is a thin 22 years old girl with blond hairs and brown/black eyes. Little tits, fit body. She worked before in Dolce Vita and Magnum and indeed i think having seen her in one of that clubs before. She has the name Alina there. Claudia has a bunny piercing in the belly and one upper the lips.

First of all i should mention that i have always received good and serious service in Heaven 7 (and i went there at least 20 times!) and it is one of the rare club where i never met a disaster yet and sooner or later it should have happened and it did. This disaster has a name: Claudia.

My favourite one was busy and i was attracted by two other girls including her. As i was about to go in an other club in the evening i didn't want to waste time so despite i didn't have positive impression while talking with her.

This girl provides a very bad and poor service, a complete calamity in the room.

She perfectly makes the "idiot" in the room for spoiling and destroying voluntarily the session and doing as little as she can. Her attitude is one of a pain!

The warm FK i was supposed to receive became some quick smacks without the tongue. Foreplays...? NOTHING: no way for playing, no caress (despite i insisted about it but nothing in the room), no embrace, no intensity, no involvement, no professionalism. Logically she does not take any initiative as she is unable of doing anything anyway. Her lack of presence and carelesness in the room was unbearable and despite making everything for "driving her" in the right direction i had to notice it was useless with such incompetent numbskull.

The blowjob now... more than bad, like all the rest... she barely sucks without rythm and on a slow and monotonous way the extremity of my dick. Being in the business for years i wonder how it is possible to make suck kind of pitiful blowjob.

Sexually speaking she is ZERO! Her technic is pathetic. But before all: She makes everything to avoid, obstruct and limit the penetration! As many red light district girls do and for having experiences such world during years i know by heart all their methods! In cow girl our dear Claudia applies the method "I put my fold my legs on man's thighs for limiting penetration". I had to repeat her several times to not do it before she understands... but continues anyway!! "oh you know baby some men like and some men don't like like this so just tell me"... i do this only for minutes!!!
Well, what about the doggy she uses the usual method of bad position for not being fucked well, being too high and her ass on the left and not straight, what a nightmare i come back in red light districts swindlers' world but in a club! I made her understand to stay straight but it didn't help... In more, as if it was not sufficient, she let her hand for limiting again the penetration. Stopped regularly the sex by herself when she saw i avoided her obstacles... Like in missionary where i didn't insist because she made my dick down with such attitude. This no brain dared to tell me then "how to fuck with dead dick" My dick is hard as a stone since the beginning and you use your tricks for avoiding fuck and now you tell me this.

Discussing with her about her service she doesn't realise even that her service is under zero for everything. She doesn't have any skills at all. Nothing saves her. Nothing!

I kindly said to the thekefrau that keeping suck kind of girl in their club will quickly spoil their reputation. Heaven 7 is small, serious and safe. Received there even better service usually than in many clubs. No, there is very bad shot and swindler too now and Claudia is one of the worst girls i have ever met in my "career". She should work in a Laufhaus, not in a club with such awful service.

Avoid her, stay away, run in the other direction if she comes towards you, put an alarm, call the firemen if necessary but never ever go in the room with her.

Level of service and repetition: 0/5