Nationality / languages: Romanian who lives in Hungary / Good english
Age: 23 years old
Figure: GND with piercing blue eyes
Hair: Brown
Size: Average
Chest: Average, GND
Silhouette / body: GND
Tattoos - Piercings: Maybe...
Blowjob: Wow, amazing!
Cunnilingus: Yes,
Kiss: Yes, unrestrained but without much feelings
General: Very sweet and slightly pro simultaneously
She is committed to satisfy her man!
There for a week already and previously in May
Chosen to lower the pressure, much like an empty balls i could say bluntly.
I intended to optimize with my "wife"(and keep some energy), unloaded a cartridge after 25 minutes, and that could even have been discharged much earlier, that was too good.
We fucked slowly and with intensity, she felt very receptive.