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    Standard Anali (Rumänien)

    Anali (Rumänien)
    Alter : 21 Jahre Sprache(n) : Deutsch (mäßig), Englisch (mäßig)
    Haarfarbe : Schwarz Haarlänge : Mittellang (Glatt)
    Körpergröße : 1,56 m - 1,60 m Statur : Sehr schlank
    Tattoo/Tätowierung : Unbekannt Körperteil :
    Piercing : Nein Körperteil :
    Brüste : B-Cup Silikon : Nein
    Augenfarbe : Blau Wiederholungsgefahr :
    Preis : 50 Euro Dauer : 30 Minuten
    Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen ohne Kondom, Küssen, Lecken, Massage, PreSalesTalk (PST)
    Zusatzinfo :

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    This skinny brunette with blue eyes pretends being beginner and at least new in Samya. If i remember well, she should be 21 y.o.

    I had a very good moment with her, indeed she seems not being "professional" yet and remains natural in the room.

    She has a kind of innocence and clumsiness which become in fact an asset as she is devoted and involved making many efforts for doing the things well. The illusion part was really strong, in sense that you really have the feeling of doing it with a girl you met before and whom you didn't pay. She keeps the good attitude, never complains, doesn't lead anything and is able to listen and follow. A bit more closeness could have been but nevermind. With her it's not especially the quality of service which matters but a specific moment with an unformatted girl, i made things i rarely could (positions...) because she let a space for it and we don't fuck, we have sex.
    You can lead the things and she will adapt naturally, so that the foreplays were really nice despite uncomplete and little by little she let herself going with real (apparently) reactions. A girl, yes a girl, not a robot or a professional, a girl! So rare... We made many positions during which she participated well and let herself going with a mix of sensuality and carefulness but always remaining natural and friendly. Of course there are lacks, of course not everything is done perfectly but it's not the most important as you share, you have exchange, you enjoy her way to do, you enter into an unsual way of doing in that world, there is emotion and human aspect. You don't feel alone taking your pleasure as it is too often the case. She is industrious and devoted, not cheating on anything. I have appreciated much her behaviour and her non professional way to do, it's really fresh air. In more during the sex you feel her very well... i had meaningful sensations. She will improve some things for sure but the most important is keeping that special touch.

    I started to be afraid when she was about to suck with the condom but once explained here is without she started to do it and it was quite pleasant, her blowjob is much better than many other girls who do the minimum.

    I just hope she won't change and become like others in future, she should keep this freshness and considering the client not as a 50€ note but as man desiring to enjoy a good moment and sharing it with a girl keen to exchange and acting naturally for a common appreciated moment.




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