Nationality / spoken languages: Polish, near the german border / English level 1 and German beginner
Age: 20 years
Face: Pretty little face, beautiful eyes, a few freckles
Hair: Brown, small bun
Size: Tall
Chest: Medium, slightly pear shaped
Figure / Body: Pretty girl / well balanced
Tattoos - Piercings: : ?, not sure...
Blowjob: Yes, she likes it, that is normal: polish school
Cunni: Yes, excellent, fingering appreciated
Kiss: Yes, as a GF, smoker though
Other Features: spotted during my breakfast(02/06/2015), very lovely...
FKK comes from the Atlantic (8 girls) two months there(aka Victoria), and then Sharks for six days, so she is relatively new, very fresh anyway.
She also takes some german courses.
What she likes? Her response: "... spontan" it must be some polish?
Adorable girl, enthusiastic, and open-minded ... She would be there one month and then plans to travel(next holidays in Holland for coffee shopping), etc...
Good fuck!