Victoria (Rumänien)
Alter : 22-25 Jahre Sprache(n) : Deutsch (mäßig), Englisch (gut)
Haarfarbe : Braun Haarlänge : Mittellang (Glatt)
Körpergröße : 1,61 m - 1,65 m Statur : Normal
Tattoo/Tätowierung : Nein Körperteil :
Piercing : Nein Körperteil :
Brüste : C-Cup Silikon : Nein
Augenfarbe : Braun Wiederholungsgefahr :
Preis : 50 Euro Dauer : 30 Minuten
Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen ohne Kondom, PreSalesTalk (PST), Küssen
Zusatzinfo : Coming from FKK Oceans. She wears a black dress in the club. Victoria provides a disappointing service which never takes off. She kisses but few and badly, without involvement. I licked her nipples and played wit her tits. Caressing a bit, She reacts a bit to the cunnilingus. A beginner blowjob then: she applies a suspicious and strange method aiming at avoiding to suck really. Indeed i didn't feel the contact with her mouth inside nor her tongue on my penis, it entered in her mouth but without touching almost... Well, next. Bad level of sex from her then: doesn't move well nor even correctly in cowgirl remaining almost unmoving. No way to make her moving or leading anything and barely moved. (poor technic) She was caving in progressively during the doggy for obstructing the penetration. Missionary was worse: unable to undergo the dick strokes in her, just grumbling. Consequently I keep my cartridge. The service is under average, and i am not wicked saying like this... I don't advise her