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    Standard Florentina (Rumänien)

    Florentina (Rumänien)
    Alter : 22-25 Jahre Sprache(n) : Englisch (mäßig)
    Haarfarbe : Schwarz Haarlänge : Mittellang (Glatt)
    Körpergröße : 1,61 m - 1,65 m Statur : Schlank
    Tattoo/Tätowierung : Nein Körperteil :
    Piercing : Nein Körperteil :
    Brüste : B-Cup Silikon : Nein
    Augenfarbe : Braun Wiederholungsgefahr :
    Preis : 40 Euro Dauer : 30 Minuten
    Service : Sex mit Kondom (GVM), Blasen ohne Kondom, Küssen, PreSalesTalk (PST)
    Zusatzinfo :

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    Let's talk about Florentina. The first girl i went with during my last visit. A skinny dark haired romanian girl, not more than 1m65, small tits and dark eyes.

    One of the rare girls in that club who knows what a smile means and with whom it is possible to interact a bit. After several smiles in the afternoon and an eye contact i asked her to sit down next to me. At this moment started a friendly discussion and after 10 minutes i decided to go with her in the room as i had no interaction with any other girl.

    My experience with her could be divided into two parts: an usual correct part with a normal session and a second part during which she started to be nasty and not correct in her behaviour.

    I can't say anything really negative for the first part but nor positive either, just she keeps too much control and doesn't let her going enough: the foreplays were too shy but present (she kisses not deeply without much energy but she does even if it is light, caressing a bit, some hugs but clear lack of imagination, she seems having her habits and repeating always the same process more or less, it's difficult to lead her in the direction we would like). Nothing great but there were some things even if globally not intense with lack of passion.
    Then started a quite bad and untalented blowjob, here again not a great achievement from her. We have continued this basic session with a pleasant doggy, the only position i got a bit pleasure. Problem was she decided herself to switch to the next position. Let's go for a missionary during which she underwent more than she participated remaining globally passive. Then came on me for a cowgirl which was everything but unforgettable. She didn't move well when suddenly........

    She stopped everything out of the blue without warning [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/embarrassed.gif[/IMG], removed the condom and started a handjob... after only 20 minutes, even a bit less. Wtf?!? [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/sign0065.gif[/IMG] I kindly asked her why she stopped like this and to continue the sex but she refused! "No i removed the condom so it's too late and i pay the condom, in more i have only one [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/rolleyes.gif[/IMG], You fuck too much, you have a big dick, it's friday i should work you are a girl maybe?". [IMG]http://************.com/Smileys/fantasticsmileys/ecomcity.gif[/IMG] Her tonality which was quite friendly became strict and almost agressive. I understood it was useless to insist and let her misbehaving. I told her i would like to stop my work when i would like, but i have to respect rules and my chief wouldn't allow me." No answer... well i asked her to use the time by sucking insteading of speaking for nothing. She grudgingly accepted and did her very weak blowjob before asking her to stop. I considered her behaviour as unacceptable and mentionned it to the reception. No respect of the time granted and clear lack of honesty and good will after the 20 first minutes which were correct but so-so.

    so my final impression is lowered by the last part of the session, in my opinion it would be not more than average/under average with a bad attitude and mentality at the end (as quite regularly with the girls from Acapulco, the same kind of attitude like Anna) which came out of the blue during the session which was occuring normally. The first part was basic and normal but with nothing special which would deserve a repetition with her, it's not good enough for this. 30 minutes are not 20, dear maid.

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